Target your market

With clearer business writing you can target and retain customers more effectively
— and save time and money.
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Good writing skills are critical at work.

Influencing colleagues, attracting clients, maintaining your company’s reputation—and that’s just three positives. But too often what people write—on paper or online—falls short of its target. Worse still, it creates a poor impression of the writer or their organization.

At OnTarget Writing we have one goal: to empower you to write clearly, concisely and appealingly. That way you’ll make a good impression on customers, colleagues and clients.

OnTarget Writing does three things. 

Courses — training you to write effectively and creatively.

Copywriting — writing your marketing material with you and for you, including website copy.

Editing — taking what someone in your organization has written and making it well-structured, persuasive and consistent.

We’re based in Somerset, and cover all the South-West, as well as Gloucestershire.  We work with businesses and public bodies, large and small. Our clients include accountants, law firms, insurance companies and public bodies such as the NHS.